Pinkiwi Culinary Production

Satisfying Culinary Dreams


I am Chef Kim Wilson,

I provide private dinners and events such as baby & bridal showers, business meetings & private home meals. Whatever your needs may be. Perfect for on-the-go families, power couples & busy individuals. I cater to specialty diets as well, gluten-free, dairy-free, vegetarian, diabetic, etc. This day in age most people don’t have the time to shop, prepare healthy meals & clean-up for themselves or their families on a regular basis, that’s where I come in!


I graduated from the Art Institute of California ~ Orange County in June 2012 with my associates degree in culinary arts.


I take pride in that I have worked for 6 different restaurants in Orange County since 2010.


I have experience in different techniques & styles of cuisine as well as an excellent work ethic.


I am absolutely versatile, but my first two loves are French cuisine & Asian cuisines.


My mission is to draw you in with first the mesmerizing aromas, then the visual enchantment and finally the indulgence of tastes that completely compliment one another, always leaving you wanting more.


Please email me for a consultation for your next dinner, event or prepared meals for your family. It’s a new year and we all need to be healthy!